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Darren worked alongside James Hatt and Associates providing sports massage for a wide range of our patients over a 2 year period. Within that time he worked very closely with our physio team to help provide the best possible results for our patients. Darren was always extremely professional and worked consistently and to a high level as a sports massage practitioner. Even though Darren now provides mobile sports massage services through his own company he maintains an excellent link with the clinic, and clients should find it reassuring that he will appropriately refer them for more specialist diagnosis and treatment if required. This is particularly refreshing in the current climate where there are a variety of less well regulated practitioners, all purporting to treat sports injuries, that patients should be very mindful of.

James Hatt (Chartered Physiotherapist)    

Darren has been providing sports massages for me for over three years now and I would highly recommended him to anyone. As a track and field athlete who regularly competes within the Military at Combined Services level, I believe that Darren's sports massages have helped me not only to prevent injury pre competitions but also to facilitate quick recovery post competition in order to get back to training as quickly as possible. Furthermore, his knowledge about the human physiology and muscular system are extremely noteworthy, which undoubtedly lends itself to his high level of success in all areas of his business. Darren is an extremely genuine, dedicated and personable individual and the best sports masseur I have experienced.

Jacqui Wilkinson

September 2011

'I first met Darren 3 years ago after being recommended I have sports massage for shoulder and neck problems. Since then I have had regular massages which have made a big difference, allowing me to go about day to day tasks without pain. I have a physical job, poor posture, and have had repeated riding falls and several car crashes causing whiplash. My neck starts to seize up, and only one of Darren's massages keeps it supple.

This year I ran the Virgin London Marathon, Darren helped me with strength and fitness training, and also massaged my struggling legs which kept them going! During the final three months of training I had more massage sessions that fitness sessions, due to problems with 'runner's knee' and ITB tension. Without Darren's help I would not have been able to complete the run, for which I am eternally grateful.

I highly recommend Darren if you need help with fitness training, or for sports massage if you have any muscular aches and pains. He is very professional, friendly, and knowledgable. Also as he is willing to come out to the house, it means I can have a sleep straight away following a massage - which is all I want to do! I have had many sports massage sessions with different people; Darren is the most competent therapist I have found, and I think I am going to struggle to replace him when I leave Wiltshire.
Many many thanks Darren!'

Jessica Ashbridge

August 2011

For past three years I have been using Darren for my Sports massage treatments since I started participating in Ironman and Ultra distance Triathlons. I train between 15 to 20 hours a week swimming,cycling and running so it is very important  I stay injury free. I have a Sports Massage every 3 weeks to keep my body in good condition. Darren does home visits which is very convenient when I have limited free time.

Billy Dyer